Frederick Forsyth – Day of the Jackal +

Loved reading this classic thriller and also picked up a book of short stories by Frederick Forsyth called ‘No Comebacks’.



It is amazing how the world has changed since Frederick Forsyth penned this classic novel. In today’s world, with ubiquitous CCTV tracking movements by road, sea, rail and air, the Jackal would not have got very far. In some ways it could make the book obsolete, but even now in 2013, Forsyth effortlessly manages to place you in 1963. A page turner for sure and I would highly recommend it.

Frederick Forsyth’s book of short stories entitled ‘No Comebacks’, is also well worth investing in. Tightly written, with twists left, right, up and down, you can tell the author enjoyed the freedom to express himself.  Comebacks

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